A government proposal template is a document which puts forward a project in all its details before an inspecting panel of government officials for approval or for the benefit of government funds. It must be written cautiously as it forms the first impression of the project and the groups associated with it.

Sample Government Proposal Template

Project: ____________________________________________________

Date of proposal submission: ___________________________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Company: ______________________________________________________ [Fill in the relevant details]

The nature of the project: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Mention details of the project, its scope and nature in a specific and precise manner]

Benefits of the project: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Provide an assessment of how the project will benefit not only the local populace, who are going to be directly affected, but also the state and the nation on a wider scale]

Need for approval: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Give reasons as to why government approval is being sought. Mention the credibility and transparency that a government approval can bring to the project]

Total cost of the project: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Mention the total cost of the execution and implementation of the project. Include a detailed breakup of costs]

Capital accrued: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Provide an assessment of the funds already available for the project and the sources from which they have been collected]

No objection certificates approved and pending: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Mention the no objection certificates already issued by local authorities including those that are still to be issued. Enclose the same with the proposal]

Prior projects that have been handles by us: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Provide details of the prior projects that have been handled by the company before. Enclose a compact disc showing the same]