The government relations proposal is essential for providing and developing a comprehensive and integrated set of policies for a campaign. This is sent to the necessary public or private sectors and even certain ministers for approval. This is a type of public relations proposal which enumerates the roles and responsibilities of the sectors for establishing this proposal, the fund required, the target audience and the purpose. The document, hence, must be created carefully enumerating all the important points.

Sample Government Relations Proposal:

The following Government Relations Proposal has been created for the Michigan State Police Department

Name of Government Relations Proposal: ‘Stop Drinking and Driving’

Date of Submission of proposal: 23rd January, 2011

Purpose of Proposal: The Michigan State Police is requested to start a campaign against drinking and driving by the Michigan State Government due to the recent increase in accidents due to the reason stated. This will ensure public awareness and curb the growing rate of rash driving while under the influence.

Target Audience:

  • Individuals within age limit 18-37
  • Automobile Manufacturers

Communications Strategy:

  • A series of lectures organized by the Michigan State Police Department on drunk driving and the penal consequences.
  • Bill Boards to be created on this subject.
  • Pamphlets on ‘Stop Drinking and Driving’ must also be created and distributed.

Required Fund: $123,000


  • Mandatory to have blood-alcohol level detectors, that will be provided by the Michigan State Government, in every car by 13th March,2013
  • Mandatory for all car manufacturers to install the above feature free of cost.

Approval by 10th March, 2012 is requested.