A government unsolicited proposal is a written document submitted by an individual or organization to an agency on initiative of the offeror rather than in response to a government’s formal request for proposal, in order to obtain a contract with the government. An unsolicited proposal must be original, innovative and prepared without direct supervision of the government.

Sample Government Unsolicited Proposal

Name of the offeror: Roger Paul

Managing Director- National Highway Constructor


Date of proposal Submission: 6th July 2011

Executive Summary:

We believe that one could stay connected with their near and dear ones within a short span of time if they get a smooth way to travel to them. We are building highways and roads for years that are connecting cities even leading to different countries as well. We implement latest machineries that help in developing quality roads and highways, which would last for a long time. We are keen in achieving city development through our commitments for utilizing high standard equipments for construction.

Objective of the proposal:

We are planning to take up a government contract in order to prove our abilities at the best. This could be one of the most effective steps towards the country’s development. We have a keen interest for constructing national highway, which would connect United States with Canada through Minnesota.

Total estimated cost: Approximately $ 1 million annually

Implementation timelines: Maximum one and a half years [This implementation timeline would start from 15days of proposal acceptance]

Last date for accepting the proposal: 7th August 2011