A grant funding proposal is presented by an individual or group requesting a grant to fund a project, event, research work etc. This kind of proposal should be articulate enough to create a social impact and persuade the granting agency for funding in order to accomplish a worthy task.

Sample Grant Funding Proposal

Name of the student: Jennifer Cruz

Contact details: 46, St. Lawrence Street, South California

Objective of the proposal:

I am a research scholar at Edinburgh research and cancer institute and pursuing a research work on Cancer gene and Animal Biotechnology. My research work is intended for the cancer patients around the globe. It would help to diagnose the cancer gene and the cause of it at the very first stage of disease incursion. Therefore, I need a good collection of funds for carrying my research work ahead.

Work plan:

  • Collecting species that has similar mammalian characteristics as human beings
  • Diagnosis through gene therapy, remission and strong radiation
  • Detecting the faulty gene through the application of bioinformatics
  • Eliminating the chromosomal change or gene through staining of the particular defect through surgery or chemotherapy

Estimated budget: $ 4000

Funds collected till date: $ 3000 has been contributed by States cancer research center and Oncology department of Edinburgh research and cancer institute.

Intended clients: Requesting cancer research institutes and medical science organization across the world for funding the research work so that I could implement it as soon as it is possible.

Time estimated for completion of the research work: 2 years