A graphic designer or a company of its kind presents graphic design business proposal depicting new plans, ideas and services for its potential customers. Hence, it should be designed comprehensively highlighting all the essential qualities.

Sample Graphic Business proposal

Name of the graphic designing company: Best Graphic Designers Ltd

About us: Our company has group of talented artists who with their efficient skills and fine creativity creates lucrative graphic designs. The company has done well so far, and wants to expand its business on visual communication along with graphical designs. Hence, the company is planning to operate a new section within the company premises dealing with visual communication.

Action plans:

  • Well-versed experts would be employed for providing visual communication along with graphic design.
  • Specialized devices would be utilized as well.
  • Creating solutions that would provide creative elements combined with business and rational ideas.

Our keys to success are as follows:

  • Creativity and finesse
  • Professionalism
  • Fun with graphics and experiencing the best part of it
  • Positive bend of mind with practical insight

Total cost for implementation: $349,00

Funds raised: $300,00

Net profit expected yearly: Approximately $3000 yearly

Profit percent to be shared with the partners: 25% of the net profit would be shared with the partners.

Note for the potential partners: We anticipate collaboration with successful organizations in order to expand our services for people’s need.

Last date of proposal acceptance: 6th July 2011

Kindly note after the above mentioned date proposal acceptance would be invalid.