Graphic Design Proposal is an instrument for proposing any particular graphic designing work plan to its potential customers and clients for acceptance. Such a document must have precise mention of entire plan succinctly and clearly so that it gives a clear picture.

Sample Graphic Design Proposal

Proposal for Graphic Designing Proposal number: 09899

Proposal prepared by: Mac Animation and Graphic Designing Co.

Proposal prepared for:  Basalt and Grith Co.

Proposal submitted on: 26th May 2011

Objective of the proposal:

Mac Animation and Graphic Designing Co. intend to undertake the creation of logo for the Basalt and Grith Co. We plan to portray the key strengths, quality and reliability of the company through this logo. Even we wish to make such a logo that would be eye-catching and benefit the company in attracting clients, customers and prospects through its mention in brochure, company note pads, calendars, advertisements etc. It should be created in a way that it must symbolize the company’s credibility.

Graphic designing methodology:

  • Collecting the inputs from the client and building the logo according to their requirement.
  • Few more alternative logos would also be designed for client’s approval.
  • Using specialized software and techniques for creating the logo.
  • Generating a logo that would translate company’s role in the market.

Estimated budget for completion of entire graphic designing work: $35000-$37000 approximately.

Duration required for completion of the graphic designing work successfully: Maximum 9 months

Kindly note proposal acceptance will remain valid till 25days from the date of its issuing as mentioned above.

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