A Gym business proposal is designed by a gym-training center depicting its upcoming plans and services that would benefit the potential customers. As this kind of proposal is designed with an intention of instant business, therefore the content must depict compelling message to the intended customers.

Sample Gym Business Proposal

Name of the gym-training center: Gym and Trim

Summary: Gym and trim started its journey 5years back and soon became a hotbed for the development of effective and fitness-training center. With its unique equipments and expert trainers, it has been a continuous choice of customers for years. Expert’s suggestions on nutrition, exercise and fitness-training programs are effective for the customers suffering from obesity or want to get a good body shape. Guaranteed training programs are also conducted for those who need instant effect.

Objective of the proposal:  Gym and trim is heading towards a new revolution as it is acknowledged as one of the best fitness training center globally. In order to keep up this reputation we are planning to implement few more fitness programs, which would help the women and men to get rid of their extra flab instantly.

Total cost for implementing the new programs: $345, 00 which includes construction, salaries of specialized fitness trainers, advanced equipments etc.

Marketing regulation: Advertisement would be regulated through leaflets and pamphlets across the cities and it would also be distributed among the customers. Even, various TV channels will also showcase this advertisement.

Last date for accepting the proposal for becoming media partner: 7th July 2011

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