A nicely built gym is a valuable addition to the health related facilities and infrastructure of a particular locality. The gym construction proposal is a step forward in this direction where the administrative authority is presented with a planning of constructing a gym by a certain company having expertise in this field. The gym construction proposal contains the basic details such as the name of the company willing to shoulder the responsibility of processing the project. The total time required to complete the project and start the operations is also being clearly mentioned in the proposal. The budget is also talked about.

Sample Gym Construction Proposal

Name of the company: The Shining Builders Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Head Office: 230 / A / 5 Jasmine Road, Michigan – 45, USA

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. Leonard Brooks

Time-frame for the completion of the project: 3 – 4 months

Estimated total budget for processing the project: $ 1, 00, 000

The work details of the gym construction proposal:

  • Establishing the commercial functionalities in tandem with the partnering authority.
  • Incorporating the gym equipments following the regulatory framework and the safety rules.
  • Streamlining the necessary logistic resources to process the project.

The primary objectives of the gym construction proposal:

  • To improve the health infrastructure by providing with a world class gym with state of the art facilities.
  • To establish a friendly relation with the partnering authority for projects in the near future.
  • To employ people with background degrees and experience in health and nutrition sciences.

Signature of the project coordinator: Mrs. Pauline Weeks