A health care proposal is a proposition created by a government or non-government agency which aspires to provide good, easy and affordable health care solutions to the maximum number of people belonging to different sections of the society. Some health care proposals target the entire population while others may focus on specific sections like employed, young or elderly. Depending on the requirements of those seeking insurance cover, a health care proposal is created to serve those needs. The proposal must mention its goals, target consumers and how it plans to raise funds for implementing the proposal.

Sample Health Care Proposal:

Name of agency: United States Health Agency

Address: 24 Canning Street, Washington DC

Health care proposal prepared on: November 26, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Will Rooster

Chief of US Health Agency

Proposal submitted on: December 5, 2011

Proposal signed and approved by: Jenna Tanner


Proposal name: Maximum Health Care

Purpose: The purpose of this health care proposal is to include more people within our healthcare programme and make it easier for them to get healthcare services and financing

Details of Health Care Proposal:

  • The health care proposal will be implemented from January 1, 2012
  • The project will start at county level and gradually move to state and national level
  • Insurance companies, both private and public sector, must comply with the rules in this proposal to make the policy more accessible to people
  • Funds for the project will be used in stages depending on the stage of implementation

Estimated cost of the project: $2 billion

Amount requested: $1 billion