A health care reform proposal is proposition usually presented by the government of the land whereby changes are suggested for the existing health care policies for better well-being of the people. Insurance companies, both public and private sector, will have to follow these new rules in their policies where the government ultimately aims to include and cover more people and their families. One must remember that even when a health care reform proposal is approved, it takes years for the proposal to be actually implemented before it can cause any change in people’s lives.

Sample Health Care Reform Proposal:

Name of agency: United States Health Department

Address: 83 Jennings Street, Washington DC

Health care reform proposal prepared on: November 22, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Richard King

Chief of US Health Department

Proposal submitted on: December 1, 2011

Proposal signed and approved by: William Rogers


Reform proposal name: Inclusive Health Reform

Purpose: The purpose of this health care reform proposal is to expand the population that gets health care either via private or public sector insurance companies and decrease healthcare costs. It also plans to include more people in a family especially those already diagnosed with any illness and improve access to specialists

Details of Health Care Reform Proposal:

  • We aim start the project from the March 10, 2014, should this be passed as law by the government.
  • The project will focus on a broadening the list of health care providers that people have access to and improve the quality of healthcare

Estimated cost of the project: $3 billion

Amount requested: $1 billion