A hotel construction proposal is an official document that lays out the plan and the commercial deal regarding the construction of a hotel in a particular region. The proposal is generally made to the concerned administrative authority that is expected to accept it and share the revenue earnings with the construction company and the planner. The details of the company like the registered name and address of the head office are included in the official proposal draft. The hotel construction proposal also reflects the main objectives of such a proposal and the distinct work details to be considered at the time of processing it.

Sample Hotel Construction Proposal

Name of the company: The Hotel Builders Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Head Office: 20 / A / 4 Richter Road, Los Angeles, California, USA

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. Patrick Richards

Time-frame for the completion of the project: 15 – 18 months

Estimated total budget for processing the project: $ 15, 00, 000

The work details of the hotel construction proposal:

  • Setting the business functionalities with the partnering authority.
  • Incorporating the latest technological knowledge during construction of the hotel.
  • Proper application of the safety and the environmental norms.
  • Further planning for maintaining a continuous flow of revenue earnings from the venture.

The primary objectives of the hotel construction proposal:

  • To upgrade the hotel infrastructure by providing with a world class hotel with state of the art facilities.
  • To establish a cordial relation with the partnering authority for ventures in the near future.

Signature of the project coordinator: Mr. Harold Green