A hotel insurance proposal is an insurance proposition document created by an insurance company for coverage of a hotel building and the employees working there. A hotel owner would want to protect his building in case there is any accident, fire, arson, terrorist attack which can cause harm to the hotel building or his employees. A hotel insurance proposal caters to those needs and offers coverage of these aspects of a hotel. The proposal lays out what are the conditions by which the hotel owner can get coverage and what he can benefit from it.

Sample Hotel Insurance Proposal:

Name of agency: Hospitality Insurance Services

Address: 88 Lake Shore Drive, Birmingham

Hotel insurance proposal prepared on: December 4, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Don Marcos

Agent, Hospitality Insurance Services

Proposal submitted on: December 13, 2011

Proposal name: Cover for Hotels Policy

Purpose: The purpose of the hotel insurance proposal is to offer the client a wide range of options regarding insurance of the hotel premises, the building and the employees working there

Details of Hotel Insurance Proposal:

  • The proposal offers coverage of the hotel building and room in the building in case here is any accident, fire, terrorist attack, arson and vandalism.
  • The insurance company shall also provide coverage for the staff working there in case there is any of the above mentioned conditions
  • The coverage can be extended to immediate dependent family members of the policy holders.
  • The client shall have to make a monthly payment of $50,000 to cover the hotel and employees