A hotel sales proposal is a document which is presented to the hotel manager with whom one is interested to work. This document focuses on the sales strategies of a chain of hotels to increase the sales and customers. Such a joint venture benefits both the organizations in terms of profits.

Sample Hotel Sales Proposal

Proposal submitted by: Gurgusson Hospitality Agency

Subject: Proposal for services with an eye to increase sales of Seaside Luxury Hotels

Our motto: We are hoping to work with your organization and provide all the necessary goods and services required by the hotel. Seeing its growing popularity among customers, we have this proposal. Here are the details of the services and goods that we are ready to provide with a vision to increase your hotel sales.

List of items:

  • We provide furniture and fittings including electrical and sanitary fittings.
  • We have contacts with reputed electronic companies who deal with high quality electronic products.

List of services:

  • Our organization is equipped with qualified staff and workers who are expert at their own fields of work. Chefs, washers and cleaners, receptionists and gardeners can be easily provided.
  • The services are top class and it would not give any scope to the customer to find faults. If there are complaints, you are more than welcome to express them and we are more than ready to change the concerned worker immediately.

Our previous distinguished business clients include international hotels namely:

  • Mitsubishi Hotels
  • Florida Hotel Chain

We are keen to start the project as soon as possible.

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