A charity proposal is a document where one presents one idea about a charity project, usually to get funding for the project from a government or private agency. Before writing the proposal, first you need to formulate the idea of what you want to do and then mention it in the proposal along with a goal you have set. Explain how the idea will be beneficial to the cause you are working for and what amount of grants is required to make it a success. The reader must be convinced that you are sure of what you are doing and have a proper plan of action in order to execute the idea. The charity proposal can also mention your past projects related to the present one or other projects that you have worked on.

While writing a charity proposal, these steps can be followed:

  • The charity proposal must begin with you details like name, address, phone number, name of organization, if any. Go through the application or proposal process of the funding organization as each may have a different format
  • Give a name or title of your proposal which indicates the topic of your charity idea, and go on to explain what purpose it will serve or in what way it will be beneficial to the others
  • This should be followed by a brief introduction or description of your charity idea to help the reader understand your cause and the problems. You can also include some numbers and statistics to make your proposal more solid
  • The next important section is the part where you request for grants. Since charities are heavily dependent on grants and donations, it is important to convince the reader about your cause and mention the minimum amount you require to make the proposal a success. You can also add your success stories and past projects.