A construction proposal is a document where one lays down the various aspects that are required to be covered while undertaking any construction project. Construction proposals are also created as bids for a particular project where one can mention the purpose of his proposal, his plan of action, areas to be addressed and funds required to make the construction project a success. These proposals may be sent to investors or financing companies in order to get the required funds for completing the project as most construction projects require a huge amount of money for procurement of materials, equipment and labor.

The following points can be kept in mind when making a construction proposal:

  • At the very beginning, give your details or the name of the company, including address, phone number and the company logo
  • After making your introduction and briefly explaining what you do, give a title to the proposal so that the reader understands what kind of project you are referring to
  • This should be followed by mentioning the purpose of your proposal or what do you plan to achieve or in what way will the proposal be profitable for the company
  • After these introductions are over, go on to explain the scope of the project in details. Explain the various steps and how you plan to execute those steps to complete the projects. Mention deadline and what materials or equipment you will require for the construction project, what safety guidelines you are supposed to follow, whether you have sought permission from the authorities or not etc.
  • Mention the amount of funds required for the construction project and justify the costs by aligning them with the materials required and the cost of hiring the labor. This break up of costs helps the financer or investor to know how you plan to utilize the funds for the project.