A consulting proposal is written by a consultant or a consulting company which gives a description of how it plans to execute a particular project or handle a problem faced by a client. A consultant is like an expert on a specific field where he gives his advice and creates programs which will help the client to increase its productivity or solve a problem. Some consulting proposals are internal, that is, they are created by people belonging in the same organization but who are experts in that area of work. No matter who creates the proposal, it must include the purpose of the proposal and describe how will the idea be beneficial to the company and what methodology will be followed in order to execute the idea.

The following points can be kept in mind when making a consulting proposal:

  • The consulting proposal should start formally by giving the date, name, address, past experience and other details of the consultant or the consultancy firm along with their address and company logo.
  • The name of the proposal must be mentioned in the beginning referring to the topic of the proposal.
  • This should be followed by an brief introduction about the scope of the idea and what issues need to be handled or where the consultant’s counsel is required
  • The purpose or goal of the proposal must be clearly mentioned and in what way will it help the client
  • After the goal has been described, one must clearly mention all the steps to be taken in order to fulfill the clients requirement or what methodologies will be used by the consultant to achieve the goal of the proposal
  • Mention the budget and the consultancy fee to be paid by the client in return for the services provided by the consultant. The mode of payment may also be mentioned.