A design proposal is a document which outlines the salient features of a design plan, which is to be affirmed, confirmed or approved by someone, or a company, invested in the scheme. The design proposal is sent in by a designer or a company to which the designer is affiliated to, for approval from a client. Depending on the nature of the design, whether for clothes, homes, proposals, and so on, the design proposal varies and must be framed. The design proposal must be attractive and lucid in order to create an immediate impact on the client, and increasing the chances of approval by a couple of notches. Certain points need to be kept in mind while writing design proposals:

  • Design proposals must include all relevant details of the budget, nature of proposal, materials required, design policy and so on.
  • They must be supplemented with images, slides, presentations, material samples, outlines, drawings and so on in order to provide a comprehensive idea about the finished product, which the client can then judge for himself.
  • The proposal must be prefaced with a statement of intent, outlining exactly what is to be achieved by the designer and why the proposal needs to be perused carefully. The proposal must be businesslike, courteous and comprehensive. All areas of doubt must be addressed by the creator so that the client can rest easy.
  • In order to make the design proposal appealing, the credibility of the designer must be emphasized. This can be done by a brief mention of prior works of acclaim, awards one, and a survey of the designer’s claim to fame. However, restraint must be exercised in this section of the design proposal since the tone must not descend to boastfulness.

Thus, a designer proposal must be written with care and foresight in order to make a solid impression that will translate into material success.