A Financial proposal is a document which gives the financial details mentioned in the proposal. It is a formal document which has to be presented after assessing and estimating various costs and expenditures involve in any project. The financial proposal helps the client to manage the business needs in most effective and economical manner. It is a crucial document which assists in ballpark figure the expected cost of the project or services, the organization must be planning to take up.

While writing a financial proposal, following points must be considered:

  • Like any other proposal, a financial proposal should introduce the name of the organization which is setting forth the proposal along with the name of the concerned person and the organization’s address for correspondence etc. along with dates.
  • The next portion of the proposal should talk about the reason for the proposal and should be the starting point of providing more details on the same in the remaining part of the proposal.
  • Going forward, the need and importance of a financial proposal should be clearly explained and the work already done by the organization in this area should be highlighted next.
  • The cost involved along with risks involved should be provided next, and it should be able to make the other party make a fully informed decision about going ahead with the proposal or not.
  • The penultimate section of the finance proposal should describe the experience and financial acumen that the organization has. It should also mention the number of people from the organization that will be needed for implementing the proposal and the duration for which they will be providing their services. Any negotiable terms and conditions should also be precisely mentioned and the dates and timelines should be mentioned accordingly.
  • Lastly, the proposal should close with keeping the channel open for any further questions.