A funding proposal is a document which is written to request for funding any project. It is a formal document which will contain all the details about the project and expenses required to afford that. The necessity to fund that project/service is also explained in this proposal. This proposal has to be written in a well planned precise manner to turn out to be a successful proposal. A funding proposal helps cultivate a professional relationship between the organization and the project creator.

Following are the points that should be considered while drafting a funding proposal:

  • Organization Information:
      The organization’s name, the name of the person making the proposal and the address and date of submission of proposal are some of the points that the starting section of a funding proposal should also take care of, as is the case with any other proposal for that matter. The name and department of the person to whom the proposal is being sent to, needless to say, should also be there in the beginning of the proposal.
  • Objective: The reason and the circumstance of the proposal like the need for raising funds and the purpose, which gave rise to the need of a funding proposal should be mentioned next.
  • Proposal Details:
      More details on the same should follow in the next sections and should give concrete scenarios as to where and how the funds will be disbursed as per what schedule and how will they be applied as well as returned later. The rate of interest and other finer risks of the funding terms and conditions should also be clearly elucidated.
  • Proposal Closure: Here details of how exactly will the company that will be using the funds, will be able to deploy the funds to make more money than the funds deployed – should also be mentioned by providing detailed case studies and scenario building tools.

The proposal should close with the comment regarding easy revert on any other things that the company might want to hear about.