A health care proposal is a document that is prepared towards the betterment of the health of the individuals. This proposal may be for the health care of the employees, students, poor people or for anyone else needing the same. In this health care proposal the real health related issues are mentioned along with the solutions to manage them. It should be a clearly written document describing all the health care hazards and the ways to handle them. It facilitates the health management of the individuals, for a society in a good health. As in a good body resides a brilliant brain and great soul.

Following are the points that should be considered while framing a health care proposal:

  • The first section of the proposal should aim to provide services and competence from the healthcare domain and should also start with the name, company address as well as the date of proposal submission along with the name and other details of the target organization.
  • The next section should elucidate on the goal that the proposal aims to fulfill in brief, along with the things that it promises to take care of in the healthcare and disease diagnosis areas.
  • The third section is the what’s and how’s of the proposal which includes the ways and means that the proposing organization is willing to adopt to improve the lifestyle and take care of diseases arising from the same for a pre-identified section of the society – should all be discreetly identified and explained.
  • The fourth section should provide the financial details of the entire project. This section has to be dealt with care as the budget of the project should match with the actual and also make it feasible for implementation.
  • The last section of the proposal is the closing details in which one should not forget to mention the implementation details along with the strategic timelines, milestones and roadmap to fulfill the objectives put forth in the proposal.