An advertising proposal is written by people working for an advertising agency or as freelance consultants for a prospective client where they present an outline of the advertising strategy to be employed regarding a particular product, idea or service. The main points to be included in an advertising proposal is the budget or cost of the advertising campaign, the methodology to be employed in making the campaign successful, the kind of audience to be targeted and so on. These aspects help the client understand what to expect from the ad campaign and whether it matches the goals they have set for themselves.

While formulating an advertising proposal, the following points can be kept in mind:

  • The proposal must begin with your name, designation, name of company, date of creation and presentation of the advertising proposal. This should be followed by the name and contact details of the client.
  • The next important point to be mentioned is the title or name of the proposal. This can be accompanied by a brief description of the project and the purpose of the proposal tallying it with the goal of the client.
  • After giving the introduction, describe the methodology and steps to be taken to make the ad campaign successful. These steps can be explained in brief here and described in details later in the proposal if it is a detailed document
  • Next step would be to present an analysis of the target audience you are focusing on and present a portfolio of that section, like their age, likes and habits, income and spending power and so on.
  • Describe the types of media where you plan to advertise and how the company will benefit from these strategies and decisions presented in the proposal.
  • Use statistics related to consumer habits, brands, product sales, competitor performance etc to support your proposal.