An employment proposal is a document which aims at putting forth a request by an employee to a potential employer for a job. The employment proposal thus can be made through a CV or a resume, or it can be sent in on its own, and it should convince the potential employer into accepting and validating the employee’s claims. The employment proposal thus is a document which banks immensely on creating a favorable first impression on the potential employer, and hence it must be written with care and foresight. There are some salient features which an employment proposal must keep in mind. Some of them are as follows:

  • The employment proposal must be prefaced or introduced by a statement of intent which can outline the goals and professional aims of the individual. This section must be convincing and erudite since the individual’s passion for his field of skill can be judged by an employer from this very section.
  • The proposal must then go on to provide a fair idea of the individual’s educational background, including relevant degrees, awards, internships and seminars attended by the candidate. This section must be factually accurate since all the information provided here will be verified upon selection, or sometime, even before selection.
  • The next section of the proposal must incorporate a comprehensive outline of the candidate’s professional experience. Only those work experiences must be included which are relevant to the post the candidate is applying for. Brief descriptions of the job responsibilities in these previous experiences can be added to provide the employer with a clearer idea of what the individual is capable of.

The employment proposal must be neatly written in a courteous tone. It is an important professional document which can affect the outcome of an individual’s career and hence it should be given due consideration.