An event proposal is a document which is drafted when an organization or an individual wish to organize an event and send the proposal for the same. Writing these proposals requires presenting the details about an event in the précised and appropriate manner. One has to give all the necessary particulars about the event to the client so that the client can take quick decision on the same. It is a formal document which explains the date, venue, organizer and other specific details of the event. The event proposal has to be written in a sequential and crisp manner so that required information is clear to understand.

Following are the factors which should be considered while drafting an event proposal:

  • An event proposal should contain the name of the organization and the name of the person preparing the proposal. The date and purpose of the proposal are the next set of the things that also needs to be mentioned. The purpose should concisely convey the context of the proposal and also some details on where the event is supposed to take place.
  • The aims and objectives of the proposal should be the next section of the event proposal and this should mention in detail the need for the event and as to why exactly should it happen now. The goals and measurable results that the event will try to achieve should also be mentioned.
  • The next section should give details on the past experience and same or similar work done by an event management firm which is writing the proposal. It should also mention as to how exactly will all the management of the event be done which includes the various stakeholders and vendors, third parties etc. The details on event co-ordination – which talks about the management of counters at the event to make the event a glaring success – should then be highlighted.
  • Lastly, the proposal should end with seeking the concerned parties to come back with any further queries or help if necessary by mentioning the contact numbers and name and designation of the concerned official.