An HR business proposal must include the Human Resources needs of the company. It must, very accurately, pinpoint the number of employees working or the number of employees needed by the company and its various sectors in order to be a valuable document. An HR business proposal must be comprehensive and thoroughly researched.

Sample HR Business Proposal

Name of company: Sun Tech Solutions

Year of establishment: 1999

HR business proposal for the year: 2001-2002

Purpose of this HR business proposal: This HR business proposal for the year 2001-2002 is to identity the areas, which can be improved as far as staffing is concerned. We also wish to incorporate some changes in the HR policy of the company.

Salient features:

HR policy of the company: Our Company puts the interests of its staffers at the utmost level of importance. We believe that a unit which works together succeeds together. Every effort has been taken to ensure the creation of a smooth work environment.

Our aims:

  • To introduce the new changes that has been wrought in the HR policy of the company.
  • To identify areas of staffing which require attention.

Number of employees on the payroll as of 31st March 2001: 3453

Number of vacancies as of 31st March 2001: 100

Proposed date for recruitment for the upcoming fiscal year: 4th June 2001

Training for new recruitment on: 21st to 25th June, 2001

Location: 34B, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bangalore-365421

The HR business proposal has been framed by: Robert Herring, Abraham Crashaw and William Maximillian.

Contact HR department for more information: 475745673/7466461