A HR management research proposal is a proposal which is offered by one company to another for undertaking HR management research. It involves a detailed analysis of the techniques and process followed by the company in human resources management. This proposal is submitted by any company which does research on human resource activities.

The organization should be a probable client looking out to improve upon their human resource management strategies, by analyzing in depth about the positives and negatives.

Sample HR Management Research Proposal

Name of the company: Star king out sourcing

6, Russell Street,


Proposal submitted by: Bolton agency Ltd,

8, Bland ford Street,


Dated:  14th November 2011

Topic of the Research:

Role of human resource management department in staffing, competency mapping and employee retention process.


This proposal will detail the process involved and complete scope of human resource management team. It will explore the role of HR management in all the scopes of a project. This will point out the flaws that are present in the hr management and also highlight the best practices which need to be continued. This on a whole provides a deep insight in to department of human resources by identifying the basic concepts that are often ignored and need to be implemented.

Staffing and Allocation of Resources:

Staffing involves identifying the right candidate for the specified role with required qualifications. The identification of right candidate involves detail study on various market availabilities, scrutinize various profiles and finally with the concurrence from the concerned department the necessary action is taken.

There is a slippage in scrutinizing the profiles available on the market, which results in concluding upon less capable resources. The facts of the entire study are enclosed with this letter. It will explain all the points that are to be followed and changes that need to be implemented.


Graham Pete

Star king outsourcing.