A human resource proposal format is a basis for any proposal created by the HR department of a company presenting their plan for a particular aspect of management and training of the human resources of the organisation. The content of the document should be created in such a way that the goals of the project are met within the set time and funds, thereby creating a positive effect on the performance of the company.

Sample Human Resource Proposal Format

Title of the proposal ______________________________

Proposal presented by _____________________

Date of presenting the proposal__________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a human resource proposal must fundamentally mention the nature of the project. This must include all the important aspects of the project so that the target employees know what to expect and get a clear picture of it. The first paragraph must also state the purpose and objective of the particular proposal.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must elaborate on the other important aspects related to the particular proposal. This includes the plan of action and methodology to be followed in order to make the project successful. Clearly outlining the methods of helps the employees to understand the document and work towards the goals easily.

Third Paragraph: The third and final paragraph of the proposal must include other important points like the time required for the successful completion of the project, amount of funds needed to conduct the programme and the last date of the approval of the project proposal. All these points come together to make a successful project.