An independent sales proposal is a document which represents the request of an individual businessman to a company. The businessman undertakes a contract under his own risks looks after the taxes and earns profits all by him. There is no employer or supervisor and the contractor uses the direct selling opportunities.

Sample Independent Sales Proposal

Proposal submitted to: Jalan IT Firm

Proposal submitted by: Ashoke Kumar, Independent Contractor

Educational Qualification: Architect Engineer

Work Experience: I have been working on architectural projects since 1990. Some of my appreciated works include:

  • South Island Mall
  • Bizarre Hotels
  • Colossal Office Building

I wish to make a proposal that I want to take up the next venture that your company anticipates to start. A list of provisions and advantages are given below for your information. Hope you would kindly make a note of these and trust me with your upcoming project. The bank documents, certificates and financial details are given along with this.

  • I have performed with renowned bodies that have advanced technologies and intelligence by means of which several projects have already kicked in or are on the anvil.
  • I will select a convenient location for the office building so that it will not only allow employees to commute to and from easily but also enable them to access public conveyance.
  • Since your company intends to build a call centre for outsourcing of calls, I can make provisions for phone lines to be installed without jamming.
  • The building will be created on ample space and yet customized with space saving furniture.