An individual research proposal is a document which outlines the plans by which an individual’s research project will be executed. This is especially useful in case of academic research which is usually undertaken by one person. An individual research proposal must be well thought out and clear. It can be in the form of an abstract but it should also outline important issues like funding and benefits.

Sample Individual Research Proposal

Subject: individual research proposal for Ph.D [three year course]

Name of candidate: Sarah Jones

Current designation: Pursuing an M. Litt. From Oxford University, Department of English

Research interest: I am planning to conduct an individual research in the sphere of the European Renaissance and how the theological disputes of this period affected and caused subtle differences in the work of the Metaphysical poets. Depending on the availability of an appropriate supervisor, and the requisite funds, I hope to be granted a place on your research staff.

How I propose to fund my degree: I have applied to a number of scholarships [please check enclosed documents for more details]. I shall know whether I have been awarded these scholarships by May 2011.

Cost of research proposal: Around 30000 GBP per year [Both university tuition fees + living costs]

Benefits of the individual research proposal: Not only is this strain of the Metaphysical poets and their relation to the theological disputes of the sixteenth and early seventeenth century uncommon, it will also further research in this direction.

Expected time of completion of the individual research proposal: May 2014