An insurance proposal letter is one which is sent by an insurance agent or insurance company to a prospective client. The prospective client may either be a company or an individual, and the insurance proposal letter outlines how a certain policy or insurance cover will be beneficial for the client. Persuasive yet polite, such a letter must be written well and after much thought.

Sample Insurance Proposal Letter


Horace Lodge,

Chief Finance Officer

Jensen and Jensen Pvt. Ltd.

Subject: Insurance Proposal Letter

Respected Sir,

This letter is to inform you that we have received and considered your request for a detailed overview of our insurance policies for your employees. I have enlisted some of the most useful of our policies along with this document for your perusal. I hope that you will benefit from the effort. Mainly, we offer one excellent policy for employees of government organizations like your esteemed company. It is an all in one policy and it covers both health as well as life insurance.

It is a policy which requires minimal premiums on behalf of your employees and it is best suited for employees who receive a salary which falls in the mid range bracket. Such policies are extremely beneficial both to the employee and to his family. It requires little formal hassles to get initiated. The mandatory health check apart, the employee must produce the necessary identification documents and the policy can be initiated.

If you accept our policy, we shall take complete responsibility of the payments of the money at suitable times. We will also handle the entire insurance business of your employees. We hope to hear from you soon. Thanking you,

Jason Bateman

Product Manager

TIC Pvt. Ltd.

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