An insurance proposal template is a basic structure which can be used to create a proposal for an insurance firm. Insurance proposals are documents which lay down the various terms and conditions necessary for providing insurance services to a policy holder who wants to insure his health or any asset, like a house or a car, from accidents, injuries, robberies, natural disasters etc by paying a premium to the firm. The proposal presents the best options available for insuring the asset and gives a choice to the policy holder by making a customised proposal suitable for his needs. The insurance proposal template serves as a guide to create an insurance policy for this purpose.

Sample Insurance Proposal Template:

Name of company: [Mention the name of the company making the proposal]

Address: [Insert address of company]

Insurance proposal prepared on: [Add date of making the proposal]

Proposal prepared by: [Name and designation of the person creating the proposal]

Proposal submitted on: [Date of formal submission of proposal]

Proposal name: [Give name or title of proposal]

Purpose: [Describe the reason for which the proposal is created and also mention if any funds are required and for what purpose.]

Details of Insurance Proposal:

  • [Mention the plan of action, the methodology and the strategies to be applied for making this policy popular]
  • [Mention how this proposal will be beneficial and how the firm will profit from it
  • [Mention the date of commencement and the deadline.]

Estimated cost: [Give the estimated cost figures required for the project]

Funds requested: [Mention amount requested]