Insurance proposals are documents which attempt to convince a potential buyer into accepting insurance policies for himself or his near and dear ones. Insurance proposals are conveyed to customers by insurance agents, usually door to door agents or call centre agents, who ensure that customers are interested enough to give them a patient hearing and judge the benefits of one policy or the other. Some distinctive features of insurance proposals are as follows:

  • Insurance proposals must be carefully worded, in a manner that they are not imposing or overbearing. The proposal must be out forward with respect and humility and the discretion of the customer should be trusted.
  • Insurance proposals must be clear and unambiguous. Hidden costs and clauses must be specified clearly giving the customer no chance of complain or confusion.
  • An insurance proposal must clearly explain to the customer about his monthly or annual premiums, the benefits he stands to gain, his profit margins and the market influences on his policy.

Insurance proposals must be brief and to the point. They should induce an interest in the customer, as well as lay out options before him so that he can choose a policy which suits him and his financial conditions best.