An interior design business proposal entails to propose the various interior designing services being offered by the company. The proposal has to be well drafted with providing basic details such as purpose of the proposal, financials involved in the business plan and also the objectives of the business plan. A sample interior design business proposal is provide below for easy reference.

Sample Interior Design Business Proposal

Name of the business firm: Estopic Interior Designing Ltd

Address: #77, South Hampton, Willington, London, WS990

Business Plan Proposal prepared on: 25th April 2014

Proposal prepared by: Demon Livington

Head of the Business Development department

Estopic Interior Designing Ltd

Proposal submitted on: 1st May 2014

Proposal signed and approved by: Arthurson David

Chief Financial Officer

Estopic Interior Designing Ltd

Purpose: The primary purpose of framing this business plan proposal is to provide various interior designing services to clients at affordable prices. We provide contemporary designing for homes and offices as well which emulate the essence of beautiful living.

Details of business plan proposal:

  • We will start the project of designing the interior space by the 5th of June and will complete the interior designing project within a period of two months.
  • The interior designing plan blue print will be provided well in advance and work will commence only after approval by the client and all changes to be effected within a week of submission of the designing plan blue print.
  • The interior designing will ensure to undertake that all the work will be done according to the quality standards agreed upon without any deviation.
  • The client has to pay an advance amount of 50% of the interior deigning proposal cost soon after approval of the interior designing blue print. The remaining amount to be settled as soon as the interior designing work is completed and within a period of one week without fail.

Estimated cost of the project: 35000 pounds

Professional Fees: 8000 pounds