An interior design proposal is a document which is sent by an interior designer or interior designing firm to a prospective client for approval of designs and layout. It must be written clearly with all areas of concern alluded to in an apt manner. If necessary, samples of materials, colors and fabrics to be used can be attached along with the document for approval.

Interior Design Proposal Template

Interior Design Proposal Template

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Sample Interior Design Proposal

Name of interior designing firm: Home Decor Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of interior design proposal: 22nd July 2011

Interior design proposal submitted to: Jane Irving

Purpose of interior design proposal:

  • This interior design proposal is for approval purposes. Based on the initial round of meetings and discussions with the client [Miss. Irving] we have collected samples and such for her perusal.
  • This proposal is mainly with respect to the furnishing aspects of her new home on Kentwood Avenue, Mapleton, New York. The base element we have chosen is teakwood, image samples of which have been attached along with this document.

Total cost of furnishing the new apartment: $10000000

Approximate floor area: 1300 square feet

Team of interior designers at our establishment collaborating on this project: Cara Rogers, Jane Simpson and Robert Martin.

Approximate time of completion of the project: August 2012

First computerized preview of newly redone apartment: September 2011

Final preview of newly redone apartment: October 2011

Commencement of interior design work from: December 2011

For more information please contact 847387557. We are eagerly awaiting your response with regards to the materials we have attached with this proposal.

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