Internet is a huge platform to advertise the products to the targeted customers. There are huge number of internet users today and an internet advertising proposal attempts to exploit this fact. Internet Adverting Proposal is a well designed layout of a business deal or plan that consists of the primary details of advertising a specific brand of good and/or service on the internet. The proposal is structured by the concerned senior executive of the company and is concise in format.

Sample Internet Advertising Proposal

Name of the company: Speedo-taste Fast-food Private Ltd.

Head Office Address: 19/7/W Robertson Street, East London, UK

Name of the proposal designer: Mrs. Ruby Anderson

Estimated total cost of the proposal to be incorporated: $3000

The timeframe of advertising: 4 weeks

The specific details of making the proposal functional:

  • Contacting the main platforms of internet advertising and negotiating the deal.
  • Implementation of the ad sizes, captions and layouts with a clear focus on the web space.
  • Highlighting the advertisements with special graphics to bring in more traffic.

The objectives of the proposal:

  • Increasing the customer base for the company by attracting effective bands of traffic.
  • Making the targeted customers more accustomed with the brand name and the brand value of the company.
  • Creating a strategically designed launching pad for a new range of products from the company.
  • Testing for the marketing strategies and the advertising policies on the web platform and identifying the necessary streamlining scope.
  • Increasing the monthly sales revenues to the tune of 50%.

Signature of the proposal coordinator: Mr. Vivian Leopold