Internet café business proposal is framed by an individual or a group who wants to set up a new internet café or planning to implement new ideas for improving it inorder to meet customer’s anticipation.

Sample Internet Café Business Proposal

Richard’s Internet Cafe

Prepared By: Richard Shamshon

Owner of Richard’s internet cafe

Prepared for: Daniel Brown

Senior Loan Expert (Denmark bank)


  • Planning to set up a new internet café at the mall
  • Various provisions for net surfing and extensive opportunities for playing games, chatting listening to music etc would be provided at an affordable cost per hour.
  • It would be different from any other typical internet café, as it would also provide different kind of discounts to the net browsers depending on the type and time of browsing.
  • Special hour cards would be provided to the online game lovers.
  • Unique quality sound system, headphones, webcam and ample number of computers are the other opportunities that would be provided to the customers.

Estimated cost: $23,000 this cost includes internet connection charges, advertisement, boards and banners construction of the café, chairs and tables, computers and other useful things like headphone, webcam, sound system etc.

Net profit expected: $31,000 approximate profit expected yearly

Funds raised: $5100   approximately

Advertisements: Advertisements would be regulated through pamphlets within the mall and leaflets throughout the city. Moreover, banners would also be utilized for advertising it on a broad scale.

Last date of proposal acceptance: 6th July 2011

For further details regarding sponsorship contact: Richard Shamshon

Owner of Richard’s internet cafe

Contact number-7798980