In recent times business marketing through internet is becoming very popular. It is turning out to be an easier and convenient way to reach out at maximum number of people within a short span of time. Thus, internet marketing proposal should clearly outline the business intentions in order to receive maximum response.

Sample Internet Marketing Proposal

Proposal title:  Proposal for Internet marketing of our company’s service

Prepared by: Ricksburg Books publishing Co.

Prepared for: Internet marketers

Proposal issued on: 10th July 2011

Executive summary behind the proposal:

In last few years, our company is turning out as a recognized books publishing company. Recently we have propagated our business in many ways so that we could reach out to maximum number of book lovers. Even we have started facilitating online book stores which are helping ardent fans of various authors to grab the latest copy of their favorite authors.

We have many other exclusive offers stored for our customers. There is no shortage of any kind of books and we offer a wide collection. Therefore, we strongly want to regulate our business marketing through internet so that it could reach out to a large number of people.

Plans we wish to execute through internet marketing:

  • Pervading a compelling message related to the company so that maximum response could be achieved across the world.
  • New offers related to online buying should be pervaded through this marketing process so that more people are interested in online purchase of books.

Interested internet marketers should submit their proposal acceptance within: 12th August 2011