An internship proposal letter is one which is written by a prospective intern to a company where he or she hopes to complete an internship. It must be formal, precise and to the point. The purpose of choosing to complete an internship in that particular company must be stated. It must be well constructed and a lot of thought must go into its framing.

Sample Internship Proposal Letter


Director of Youth Welfare,

Jarndyce Inc.

New York

Subject: Internship Proposal Letter

Respected Sir,

This letter is to inform you that I have applied for an internship course in your esteemed organization. This is my internship proposal letter and I hope you will deem it worthy enough for me to gain admission in your reputed course. I am currently pursuing a B.Tech degree from the University of George Washington in Applied Electronics. This internship course in your organization is the best way to gain a thorough knowledge of the practical application of my course.

This course is especially useful as I will not only gain an understanding of the application of what I am studying but I will also know how to proceed in my career, which fields to take up and so on. The certificate I will gain at the end of the internship course is invaluable to me and it will allow me to gain job openings across many fields.

I hope you will consider me suitable for a place in the internship course. My curriculum vita is enclosed along with this letter.

Thanking you,

Jason Hart

Third year Undergraduate

University of George Washington


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