An investment project proposal, as the name suggests is a kind of a proposal which a person or party makes to convince another person or party about a certain investment related project or endeavor. In most cases, such proposals are prepared and presented by junior officials in a workplace to a senior official of the workplace to present a project idea. A sample of an investment project proposal is given below and can be used for reference purpose of anyone.

 Sample Investment project proposal:

Name of the company: Fredson Company

Address of the company: W-45, first floor, Gregson tower, Henderson lane, Putney, London

Proposal prepared and presented by: Darwin Nathan

Senior Business Manager,Fredson Company

Proposal presented on: 19th August 2014

Proposal presented to: Sarah Pascal

Vice Chairman, Fredson Company

Proposal approved on: 21st August 2014

Proposal Objective:

Sir, I am writing this proposal to suggest an investment plan for this company. This proposal can really help in future business endeavors and is expected to bring profits to the firm. I hope that you will accept this proposal and will give me a green signal to take this project ahead.

Details of the investment project:

  • I suggest and propose to invest an amount of $50000 in real estate investment within our outside London.
  • This amount must be invested within a period of 6 months since at this time, rates of properties are low.
  • Rates of these properties are expected to increase within the next 5 years and when they are at the peak, we can sell the properties off to gain the returns.
  • These returns can be used for our future business endeavors and deals.
  • We can use these funds for development and redevelopment of our existing properties and business offices.


Darwin Nathan

Sarah Pascal