IT assessment proposal is considered to be one of the most important written piece document as it underscores the points like the need of funding, kind of issues that the company being undergoing and what strategic plans would help them to overcome those. Hence, such kind of proposal should be comprehensive and effective.

Sample IT Assessment Proposal

Need of Assessment for IT department

Name of the company: RS International

Proposal prepared by: Mr. R. Ronald

Managing Director- Advisory Committee

Executive Summary:

Our company has created global footprints in the recent few years. With the strong collaboration of our clients, we are expanding our business rapidly in the various fields. Moreover, being IT as the emerging field, we have a strong intention to enhance the work process of IT department of our company so that we could achieve our targeted goals even more easily.

Intention of this proposal:

  • We are in serious need of assessment of our IT department in order to help our business propagate and prosper ahead.
  • Our IT system and management is not strong enough or compatible to survive the present competition of the market. Hence, we need new plans for enhancing it.
  • Making a strategic approach for bringing new reforms in this section of the company so that we could meet the goals of our company as well that of our clients effectively and efficiently
  • Introducing new computer systems and software for an upgraded process of work

Estimated Budget: $ 45000-$5000 approximately

Last date for accepting the proposal: 6th August 2011