IT budget proposal is an essential part of the business or project, which helps the company to keep track of cost and expenses. Irrespective of what you are proposing, such kind of proposal should keep the budget of client or customer into consideration in order to get the proposal accepted.

Sample IT budget Proposal

Name of the company: TISCO Technologies

Proposal prepared by: Mr. K.M Douse

CEO-TISCO Technologies

Date of issuing the proposal: 6th July 2011

Executive Summary:

10 years before, we started our company with 15 people and investment of USD 270. Today, we emerged as globally renowned IT Company for delivering best IT solutions and technologies to our clients. This has not only built a strong platform for us in this field but also helped us to become the highest payer in this industry as we have a turnover of $50 billion now.

Proposal objective:

We are proposing to conduct a budget in our company, which would help us to realize the segregated cost that we invest on each project. Even it would help the investors to determine how their investments are being utilized. This would give a clear picture on our profits and losses. Therefore, a budget conducted might help in improving the status of the company more as experts would be involved to determine our financial stand.

Duration for conducting a budget:  Maximum 3 months required to conduct a thorough budget

Entire cost required for conducting a budget: $25000-$30000 approximately

Last date for submitting the acceptance for this proposal: 7th August 2011