IT consulting proposal is a written document that offers consulting suggestions related to any IT business. Hence, it should be constructed precisely by highlighting all the essential issues that requires consultancy.

Sample IT Consulting Proposal

Name of the IT Company:  Headstrong IT consultancy services Ltd.

Executive summary: We are a leading communication and information providing company and a top-class business consultancy provider of information technology.

Proposal Objective: We are planning to set up a new branch office in two different countries. For that, we need to increase our resources and want steady flow of work.

Consultancy for:  We are requesting our board of directors and managing committee to assemble on our conference room at 5th July 2011. Expert IT consultants across the globe are requested to collaborate with our IT consultants so that we could bring out two more productive centers, which would contribute enormously on the prosperity of the entire IT industry.

Online consultancy: Even expert IT consultants can share their view and feedback regarding the matter on “We value your feedback” column of our website. Even the enrolled consultants can participate on the conference through video conferencing as well.

Regulation of advertisement: The advertisement would be regulated through various newspapers and our website. Moreover, media partners of this conference would also take the responsibility for regulating entire news of the conference through various channels of television and radio.

Last date for consultants to enroll their name: 7th June 2011

Kindly note enrollment of names would be closed after this date.