IT infrastructure proposal is created by different IT companies or IT departments, for outlining their plans of new infrastructure. Such kind of proposal are presented to their prospective or existing clients in order to make them aware of their new plans for bringing reforms in the business

Sample IT Infrastructure Proposal

Implementation of Modern framework for IT service management studies

Prepared by: Mr. H. Duff

Head of the Department- IT management Studies

Institute of Information Technology and Management Studies

Executive summary of the proposal:

The department of Information Technology Management wishes to move towards adapting new infrastructure, which would enable us to obtain a measurable improvement in studies.

Our institute is gaining fame globally for contributing the best in information technology. This made us to rethought, reanalyze and reshape the existing framework for bringing advancement in studies. We find that implementation of modern framework would help the students to learn faster through experience of practical applications. Hence, we planned to move in a strategic way for adapting new infrastructures.

Plan of Action:

  • New software programs and its management would be taught to the students so that they understand the function of the current IT industry
  • Appointing eminent faculties and conducting discussion classes at certain interval so that students could get an idea about the kind of work that is being performed in IT sector.

Total cost estimated for bringing change with new infrastructure: $60000-$80000 approximately

Estimated duration to be taken for implementing these new infrastructures: 2months

Last date for accepting the proposal: 5th December 2011