An IT job proposal is created by an individual specifically interested in a job in the field of information technology or IT. There are many IT companies which offer jobs to both freelancers and full-time workers in the field of development or testing or software and hardware which are ultimately applied to products and services. The candidate making the job proposal must give an introduction describing his skills, qualifications, work experience, projects undertaken and his goal. By making these points, the candidate creates a lasting impression on the mind of the recruiter who will consider him for the post if he finds the points convincing.

Sample IT Job Proposal:

Name of candidate: Billy Jennings

Address: 302 Earthware Road, Seattle

Name of proposal: Proposal for job in IT

Proposal prepared on: February 14, 2012

Proposal submitted on: February 15, 2012

Purpose: The goal of this proposal is to secure a job in a respectable company which shall present a challenging work atmosphere where I can contribute through my knowledge and skills

Details of IT Job Proposal:

  • Current job duties: I have been working as a software tester in New Age Tech
  • Work experience: I have 2 years experience in working for Fast Tech Co and currently working in New Age Tech since 1 year
  • Projects undertaken: I have experience in working in projects related to testing software for estimating cost, time, labor, risk and technology for any project and also a project which tested software for making estimates in the manufacturing sector
  • Educational qualifications: I have a bachelor’s degree in computer