IT maintenance proposal is presented by various IT companies, or related department of any company, depicting the needs for carrying out a maintenance job along and its related cost. Such kind of proposal should be designed in a comprehensive approach so that the exact purpose could be conveyed efficiently.

Sample IT Maintenance Proposal

Name of the company: HPS brothers and Sons

Proposal created by: Mr. L.M Richards

Managing Director

Proposal objective:

IT is emerging as an important field and most of the work we do depends upon this department greatly. Hence, we feel this crucial department does require time-to-time maintenance in order to increase the overall productivity of the company. We are proposing few vital factors, which would be included in the maintenance work of IT, department. Even this would also help the investors to understand the need of the maintenance job in this particular department.

Plan of action to be undertaken for the maintenance job of this department:

  • Entire computer and network systems should be checked and persisting problems would be fixed for better functioning.
  • 20 new computers would be introduced on which networking facility would be included as a part of maintenance job.
  • Maintaining the huge collection of software and database included in it by appointing experts so that it could serve the future need.

Estimated budget required for accomplishing the maintenance job of IT department: $65000 approximately

Duration require for completing the entire work: Maximum 6 months

Last date after which proposal acceptance would not remain valid: 8th October 2011

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