IT outsourcing proposal is presented by various IT outsourcing companies depicting their upcoming endeavors on outsourcing business. Hence, such kind of proposal should be designed in a business approach yet courteously.

Sample IT Outsourcing proposal

New plans for making progress of our outsourcing business

Prepared by: HTL Technologies

Objective of the proposal:

Our business process outsourcing helps us to focus on value adding processes by negotiating business plans with the 3rd party service providers.  Our enterprise strictly focuses on optimization of the business process, core competency and maximum outsourcing, which have become our key for success in past few years.

New plans of outsourcing:

  • We want to introduce new plans on e-business which would help our clients to experience a virtual business of collaboration.
  • We will try to adapt new technologies, which would help us bring new reforms in our business.
  • Planning new business plan in a low budget so that it is more acceptable to every kind of clients and thus, we could expand our business in various field as well
  • Exploring the ad hoc approaches in order to achieve maximum optimization in business process and improving the primary activities of outsourcing that our company follows.

Estimated Budget for implementing new plans:

$50000-$60000 approximately [A division of entire cost will be provided to every client on a meeting after the submission of the proposal]

Last date for accepting the proposal: 5th of August 2011

No proposal submission would be counted as valid after the last date of acceptance.