IT project proposal is laid by various companies of IT sector representing a specific project they have planned for in order to get acceptance for the same. This kind of proposals is mainly a logical argument, which might be rejected if viable plans are not represented.

Sample IT Project Proposal

Name of the IT Company: R.S IT Consultancy and Service Provider

Prepared by: Mr. Roger Treves

Project Manager- Mainframe

Objective of the proposal:

Our company has planned to start a new project on E-Commerce using Mainframe technology as this kind of websites are on high demand due to the increase in online shopping. For the last four years, we are setting up individual websites on e-commerce but we feel that we have a certain plan that would help to meet the need of the customers entirely and that could be implanted for obtaining licensed software as well.


Hence, we are targeting to build e-commerce related software by utilizing the common languages, which would help us to get flexible, user-friendly, and reliable software for the particular purpose.

How this product is one-step ahead than previous ones

  • Innovative new features and would be user-friendly for both the customer and the shopping sites administrator.
  • However, the system or process leads to same functionality but maintenance, security and scalability is far better than any previous software available for this purpose.
  • This product would help people to store or access data within a short span of time.

Entire cost of the project: $ 40,000-$50,000

Implementation time limit: 6 months