An IT proposal format is a document which forms a guide to the writing, constructing and submission of an IT proposal. IT proposals are proposals that are presented by one company to anther in the hope of gaining a lucrative contract or a project. Hence they must be framed accordingly.

Sample IT Proposal Format

Proposal presented by:

In response to tender number: (Fill in the relevant details)

First paragraph: The first pargarph of an IT proposal must include details of the company responding to the tender floated. This should encompass prior experience in handling such projects. Reference letters may be included with the proposal for added credibility. The company must stress its human and technical resources in a convincing manner to ensure that its potential is recognized and amply awarded.

Second paragraph: The second pargarph of an IT proposal must deal with the specific nature of the project in question. The company proposing their services must provide a clear outline of how it intends to go about the various aspects of implementation, execution, trial checks and presentation. If software is being presented before a prospective client, all details of the software must be lucidly explained. Costs must also be discussed at length.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph of an IT proposal must provide a fitting conclusion. It can finish with a recapitulation of the salient features of the proposal. A short slide presentation may be added to the proposal in order to present the main achievements of the company in a short and succinct manner.

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