Communicating the objectives is considered as one of the integral parts of the business. Hence, an IT proposal letter is constructed depicting the targeted goals of a business for the approval of the potential clients.

Sample IT Proposal Letter

MTS Technologies and IT service provider

45, Lansdowne Road, North California

Phone number-67789

Date: 13.06.2011

Subject: Proposal request for developing a new IT project

Dear Clients,

This is to inform you that our company is planning to develop a project related to E-Business, which is emerging as a recent trend in today’s sales process. These days more and more people are intended to shop online. This initiative would help them to meet their need much easily and in a comprehensive way.

This project would involve the following actions through which you can determine its effectiveness in the near future

  • Development of new software related to e-business
  • Analyzing the existing ones in order to built more efficiently in the future.
  • The coding language behind the software related to this project would be simple and concise so that the programmers can use their basic knowledge for fixing any problem related to it in future.
  • Increasing the security control of the software so that it no way violates any transaction process during its course of practical implementation.

The estimated cost of the entire proposal would be within $30000-$50000 approximately and it would be completed within duration of six months.

Hope this letter would help you realize that investing on this project would be an audacious decision. We are looking forward to your acceptance.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely

Roger Thomas

Managing Director

MTS Technologies and IT service provider