IT proposal template is designed in order to facilitate the easy composition of an IT proposal which is presented by an IT firm to another company seeking services in that area. They have to be precise and to the point in order to convey efficiency and practicability. Hence they have to be framed carefully.

Sample IT Proposal Template

Proposal presented by: __________________________________________________________

Date of submission: ___________________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Proposal presented in response to tender number: __________________________________

Proposal presented to: __________________________________________ [Mention the relevant details]

Name of software on offer: _________________________________ [Provide the name of the software which is to be pitched forth in the proposal]

Nature and function of the software: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Mention the type of software as well as specific functions which make it a leading force in the current market. Also mention how the software is particularly suited to the needs of the company which is seeking the IT proposal]

Cost: _____________________$ [Mention the cost of the software including the initial costs as well as costs after a secure deal]

The advantages we offer over our competitors: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Provide a brief account of the benefits that are a part of being associated with the IT Company presenting the proposal]

Major deals in this year: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Enlist all the major deals the company has successfully secured in this year as well as notable ones in previous years in order to lend a degree of credibility and reassurance]

Our areas of specialization: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Mention the areas of specialization of the IT company and its success in these fields]