IT research proposal is a document representing the plan that offers idea for conducting any particular research. Such kind of proposal should outline all the necessary information regarding the particular research work so that the intended clients get a clear idea on it.

Sample IT Research Proposal

Name of the IT Company: CCL IT Consultancy Services

Proposal Prepared by: Mr. Mark Andrews

Managing Director- IT Research Projects

Date of issued: 3rd May 2011

Executive summary of the proposal:

The current business structure might have forced many companies to reshape, rethink and restructure their plans but we still have the same bend of mind for research oriented IT services. This is the reason which has helped us to secure a position of repute in this industry in last few years. Our research work is highly accepted and considered as the best IT solution for future. Hence, we are coming with a new plan of research on websites in order to track online phishing.

Research work will be based on:

  • Finding the exact root of the issue or cause of phishing of a particular website through locating the IP addresses
  • Tracing the IP address in order to find the other details of the IP address user
  • Creating invisible tracker or plug-ins to track the IP address incase of several attempts of use of any particular user ID or password.

Estimated Budget for completing the entire research work: Within $ 50,000- $ 60,000 approximately

Estimated time required for completing the entire research work: Maximum one and a half years.

Last date of proposal acceptance: 3rd August 2011